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In LTTY Engineering, we believe in providing top quality customizable products for our valued customers. In the process of doing so, we ensure that we utilize top-notch machinery that does Machining Centre, Milling, Turning, and Grinding. For more information on the services we provide, click on the desired link below to find out more. Alternatively, you may sign up with us via email and we will respond to you shortly.


We provide design services for tooling, Jigs & Fixtures, Punch& Pins.

Repair & Modify of Tooling

Repair for mishandling. (Accident)
Modification for revision changes.

Reverse-engineering Product

Follow to customer parts, we reverse-engineering from parts to drawing, measure all dimension from parts, check material used and treatment used, than fabricate the parts.

Maintenance of Tooling

Sharpening on all main cutting plates and punch/pins.
Change wear and tear parts.
Cleaning up.


Our fabrication includes but are not limited to the following.

  • Tooling

    Our tooling services range from Printed Circuit Board Tooling (PCB) to Flexible Printed Circuit Board Tooling and Separation Tooling. We also do fabrication for Emboss Tooling.

  • Jigs & Fixtures

    For Jigs & Fixtures fabrication, we do Post Etch Punch (Punch& Die), Hand Press Machine with Fixtures, Air press Machines with Separation Tooling and Go & No-go Gauge.

  • Turning Parts

    Our fabrication of turning parts includes Bush Frame, Pipe Frame and Round Bar Frame.

  • Machining Parts

    Our Machining Part fabrications include but are not limited to Block Frame and Bar Frame.

  • Round Pins, Punching & Trading

    Round Pins, Punches & Trading fabrication includes Printed Circuit Board High-Speed Steel (HSS) Round Pin & HSS Punch, Bush& Bush Guide Pin, Bonding Bush Guide Pin, Prepreg Punch & Pin, Stack Pin and Pusher Pin.

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